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As you already know by now, my purpose with the Best Way to Build Muscle site is to provide you with the best muscle building programs available today. If you havent ready my story about how I went from 145 pounds to 203 pounds, you can check it out here.

I will in the following review a program that I truly believe is the new best way to build muscle program and I am quite frankly astonished by all the value the program offers. I have some very interesting information to share about this best way to build muscle program so let us jump right into it.


Best way to build muscle review

The best way to build muscle program I am talking about is the Six Pack Shortcut. If you have been to the Six Pack Shortcut sales page you already have a basic understanding of what the program is about so I want to share with you some things that you might not know about the Six Pack Shortcut program. If you haven’t been to the Six Pack Shortcut sales page, you can Click Here.

best way to build muscle discount

Six Pack Shortcuts gives you a step-by-step method on the best way to build muscle and how you can build six pack abs. The creator of the Six Pack Shortcuts, Mike Chang, is an ISSA certified personal trainer. Nine years ago, Mike Chang was overweight and weighed 220 lbs, but his desire and motivation to transform his physique led him into the world of muscle building and having a lean physique.

Through trial and error, Mike has spend the last 9 years to not only transform his physique to what most people only dreams of, but he has helped countless people transform their physiques as well. I have a huge amount of respect for him because Mike isn’t just some theory geek who has read a lot of theory and put together a program to get some ego boost, but he is a living proof of the transformation he has made and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

Here is our review of the new best way to build muscle program called Six Pack Shortcuts.

Best way to build muscle review – Six Pack Shortcuts Details

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is a video workout program that instructs you in details on how to not only get six packs abs, but also how you can build lean muscles. The videos are only accessible through a members only site and they can literally be watched no matter where you are in the world and even be downloaded to your computer or mobile for that matter.

best way to build muscle program discount

What really sets Six Pack Shortcuts apart from other programs are the videos because you have a chance to see how every exercise are to be performed. It is very hard to go wrong with the program and the videos are also very interesting to watch, especially compared to the eBook programs (this is of course a matter of preference).

The program is divided up into several steps where you will learn exactly how to get rid of the belly fat so that your six pack can shine through. You will learn how you can improve your six pack so that they are more than noticeable and what you need to do in order to keep your six pack, so that all the hard work wont be wasted.

Beside the Six Pack Shortcuts program, you will also be getting the following programs as a bonus.

- The Zero Willpower Eating System
This is a nutrition program with everything you will need to know in order to get that six pack and build those lean muscles. These videos have everything from recipes, nutrition tips and techniques, how you can make healthy, yet delicious tasting meals, how you can easily follow a nutrition plan and much more.

best way to build muscle bonus discount

- 30-Day Trial Membership to Mike’s Advanced Fitness Coaching Program
This is the advanced program that goes great together with the Six Pack Shortcuts program. These are specialized videos to not only maximize your results, but they can literally take your body to another level.

best way to build muscle lost fat discount

- Unlimited 1-on-1 30 Days Personal Email Coaching
This is one of my favorite bonuses because it gives you the opportunity to get personal coaching from Mike and his professional team. You can ask questions about everything from workouts to nutrition or any other questions for that matter. The response time is also very fast and I have even experienced getting a response just after a couple of hours of sending the mail.

I recommend that you take advantage of this bonus because this is one of the rare opportunities to have your very own personal coach that actually knows what he is talking about.


What I like about Six Pack Shortcuts

There are several things that I really like about the Six Pack Shortcuts program:

- The videos are like none other I have seen when it comes to build muscle and get a six pack. These videos are both entertaining and packed with value. Every time you watch a video you will feel really motivated to hit the gym and have an insane workout and Mike does a great job with his motivating commentary.

- I love the fact that you can watch the videos from anywhere and the download option gives you the opportunity to put the videos into your mobile/mp3 (most mobiles and mp3’s today allows this feature).

- I really love the recipes in the Zero Willpower Eating System bonus and I am positively surprised that healthy muscle building food can taste so good.


What could be improved in Six Pack Shortcuts

The title of the Six Pack Shortcuts is kind of misleading because it is no shortcut. You will have to do what is required and have dedication. I kind of understand why he has chosen the word shortcuts because the program has everything you will ever need to know in order to get a six pack. Getting a six pack does require dedication and if you follow the steps in the program, there is no excuse to why you can’t get a six pack.

I also do not like the sales page of Six Pack Shortcuts that much because it reminds me too much of a typical sales page. I don’t think it is fair to the Six Pack Shortcuts program because the program gives you so much value and basically gives you everything you will need to build that dream physique. Maybe it is just me and my previous frustration with all the other muscle building programs that disappointed me time after time. Again, this is just my opinion, as a lot of people do no care about the sales page at all, as long as the program works.


Best Way to Build Muscle Conclusion – Six Pack Shortcuts Discount Bonus Available

The Six Pack Shortcuts is, in my opinion, the best way to build muscle / six pack -program available today. But let me warn you right away, do not see this program as a magic pill or an overnight fix because you actually have to do what is required to build that dream physique.

With that said, this program has everything you will ever need to know to get a six pack and build those lean muscles.

If you have been to a gym before, you have probably noticed that most people are either bulked up or not anywhere close to having that dream physique. Then there are those 2-5% that do not only have a lot of muscle, but they are ripped and lean with a six pack.

best way to build muscle reviewIf you follow the program, you can be among those 2-5%. I am not telling you this to hype up the program because there are a lot of other sites that are doing that. I am telling you this because this program truly gives you everything you will need in order to get your dream physique.

You get an immense amount of value from a price you would only get a 1-hour personal training with. Mike could easily have charged the same amount as the actual program for each of the bonuses, but he chose to provide them for free as a whole package.

If you find that the program for any reason does not live up to your expectations, then you have 365 days to get a refund through the Six Pack Shortcuts support or through the Clickbank guarantee.

I can only speak from my experience and through the experience of the people I have recommended this program to and all I can say is that it works. If you have a desire to get a six pack or if you want to take your physique to the next level, then this program will be your best friend on your transformational journey.


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I have found a way for you to get a 30 minutes 1-on-1 live phone coaching with one of Mike’s professional coaches. You can use this phone coaching to get your own personalized training plan or ask any questions you have about muscle building and getting a six pack. He usually charges 97$ for this session, but I have found a way to get the session for only 9$ and it is really simple to get the discount.

Simply head on over to the Six Pack Shortcuts Sales Page by Clicking Here (new window or tab will pop up). Click on one of the big “ADD TO CART” buttons. Once the page has loaded, simply try to close out of the program. When that happens, a similar box will show up…

best way to build muscle special bonus discount

Now simply click the “Stay on Page” button and you will be redirected to the Discount Bonus page.

Remember, this is out of my authority and the Six Pack Shortcuts discount bonus may not be available at all times.


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How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle

There are several techniques and tips on how to lift weights to build muscle that all the successful bodybuilders and fitness models make use of. They know the importance of right techniques and how that can help them skyrocket their result.

how to lift weights to build muscle and lose fat

You see, when you know the right way on how to lift weights to build muscle, you will do everything that is related to reaching your goals and when you perform the exercises the correct way, you will not only build more effective muscle mass, you will also avoid injuries that can keep you away from your goals.

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – Techniques

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – Chest Workouts
There several techniques on how to lift weights to build mass when you focus on your chest area. The first thing is to push your shoulder blades towards each other. This way you will make use of your chest muscles as the main force and thereby avoid injuries to the shoulders.

You can also switch up between wide grip and shorter grip on how to lift weights to build muscle with the different chest exercises to have a variety.

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – Back and Leg Exercises
It is also essential to know how to lift weights to build muscle when focusing on the back and leg muscles. In exercises like the dead lift and the squat, it is important that you keep your back as straight as possible and pull your abdominals inwards. By following this tip on the back and leg muscle exercises, you will reap the benefits from each exercise and avoid any nagging injuries.

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – Triceps and Biceps
If you want optimal muscle mass in your triceps and biceps, you need to know the right techniques on how to lift weights to build muscle in those areas. Whether you work on your triceps or biceps, an important thing to have in mind is to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible.

This technique about how to lift weights to build muscle will give guarantee muscle growth, as you only make use of the right muscles and not support from every other.

A video of Phil Heath sharing some tips on how to work on your biceps

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – The Grand Slam

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – Breathing
Breathing is one of the most important tips on how to lift weights to build muscle and can make your workouts so much better. Let’s take the bench press as an example; when you pull the bar down, inhale and when you push it upwards, exhale.

You will be surprised to notice how this technique on how to lift weights to build muscle can make an epic difference in all your workouts.

Follow the above tips on how to lift weights to build muscle and you will take your workouts to another level.


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Top 10 Bodybuilding Information

There is some essential bodybuilding information you should know about that can take your workouts, your nutrition and your results to a whole nother level.

the best bodybuilding information

The bodybuilding information we will focus on in this article will be some that is known and followed by all successful bodybuilders and you will benefit by applying them yourself.

Bodybuilding Information – Tips for Transformation

Bodybuilding Information #1 – Calories
The first tip is very basic. If you want to gain weight and build muscle, you need to eat more calories than you burn. And if you want to cut weight, you need to eat less than you burn.

Bodybuilding Information #2 – Protein
You need about 1.5 pounds of protein per bodyweight. After each workout session, drink a protein shake with carbohydrates in it. This will give your body the repairing tools it needs to recover.

Bodybuilding Information #3 – Progression
Lift more in each workout session than you did in the previous one. This will force your body to build new and bigger muscles. It does not have to be a large increase, small increases will do.

Bodybuilding Information #4 – Full Body Workouts
Include full body workouts in each session. Full body workouts are a great way to target more muscles at once.

Bodybuilding Information #5 – Surprise Your Body
Every once and then, switch your exercises up. This can be by working with different exercises or doing more or less repetitions. By switching up, your muscles won’t be able to adapt and when they can’t adapt and are constantly being put under pressure, the only way out will be through building new muscles.

Bodybuilding Information #6 – Rest
Rest is essential if you want to grow muscles as it is when you are resting that your body is in an accelerated growth state. Make sure to rest and sleep well.

An interesting video about Arnold

Bodybuilding Information #7 – Water
Water does not mean soda´s or any other kind of liquor. Plain water is crucial for muscle growth as your body consist of over 70 percent of water.

Bodybuilding Information #8 – Have the Right Nutrition Program
By knowing when to eat and what to eat, you will guarantee a transformation in your physique. Your muscles can’t grow just by going to the gym, as they won’t have anything to build the new muscles from and that is where the right kind of nutrition comes in.

Bodybuilding Information – The Final Two

Bodybuilding Information #9 – Healthy Fat
Healthy fat is essential for your body and will help your body boost more testosterone. However, avoid sources of saturated fat, as that will only layer fat on your body.

Bodybuilding Information #10 – Carbohydrate Timing
You need to eat carbohydrate at the right times. In your breakfast, eat carbohydrates to get a good start of the day. Right before your workout, to have an epic workout session and right after your workout so your body can recover and repair the muscles.

All of the above bodybuilding information are essential in your muscle building journey and you should include them all to transform your body.


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